jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

The uncertain future.

  1. The university have been very important to me cause have been the place where I have known many people, i have lived many experiences and i have matured and differents aspects.  Thereby I have had a personal and academic learning, I have suffered many changes the which have make of me who am now. To me the university means a new lifestyle because it was linked with my city changes. I think that study anthropology have advantage and disadvantage. The main advantage consist in that the anthropology have a wide field of search and action, cause  studies the culture, and in every place where there is human action there is culture, therefore one can depth in very diverse topics, in this sense is so free. By other hand its main disadvantage consist in that the ethical position is complex, cause you job and studies to people, and many of the institutions that finance this kind of project, make it drawn by own interest the which crash with the interest of the people that one study, Many time the anthropology  is used to justify interventions that affect negatively the life quality of the people, like happen with the studies of enveriomental impact. 
    I would like job in deverses fields, by one hand job with comunities to develop self support strategy that  able them have some independence of the economic system, by other hand I would like job studying the education, cause a think that is very important analyze it since a qualitative perspective, cause I think that with the present education system there is many aspects that lost, cause don´t is make to integrate local knowledge and to accept the difference, other field linked with the previously mentioned and that I would like job is the folk knowledge that are get invisible by the official science. 
    Subject with my strengths and weaknesses I think that I am some indecisive and absentminded and that make me take so much times in complete some activityes, and like a weakness i could say that I adpat a very diverses lifestyle, therefore I could make anthropology in many differents places.

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