viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

English in my life

I think that the english is very useful, thereby is very important. The english that I learned in the school was good, the trouble it was that I did not exercised during my firsts university years, and somethings very important like the grammar to make questions were forgotten by me, probably I would remember if I take a time and think about this, but in the moment of speak it is difficult because must be automatic. To understand the english is a similar situation, I read so slow, and to listen is more diffucult, for wo reasons. By one hand I have not so much feeling auditory - I have not a deficit, but distinguish similar sounds is a few difficult to me-. This situation is wear because during the first university year it was given many texts to read in english - papers generally-, in class like archeology or biology, but we had very cools classmate, that understand very very well the english, they translated them and then did summary about the texts, and it was thats summaries that which  I studied, by practical reasons, we had so much to read and I took so much time reading ans translating thats texts.  Moreover I did not take english in third year of university. 
The english class are important but is a place to exercise the english but are not enough to speak and read fluently, - at elast to me- to get this I need practice it so constantly. I like do blogs ever that the topic be given, if that did not happened, I take so much time thinking in the topic of the blog, and trying to  explain it, - -is difficult to me explain the things in spanish and is more difficult make it in english-, bu I feel that writte blogs have had effect in me cause the last term I took so much time writing the blogs, ever I was the last in end it, but this term I am  faster, so faster.   
Places in the which I use the english outside the class for this time have been only reading some texts about rapa nui culture, that are wrote in english, and take so much time.
To improve my english I think practice it, reading more text en english, and seeing films in english mainly.  

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