viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

My cell Phone.

My cell phone

Well, my favorite technology is a so usual and simply gadget; My cell phone.
When I was a child, I didn`t need it, I didn´t use my cell phone. The first cell phone I had it was when I was 13 year old, my daddy gave me his old phone, However, I never  used  it until I was 18 years old, at that time I began my university studies  and changed my address, before that, I lived in Calama, and I begun to live in Santiago, then, it was the  best, and sometimes, the only way to comunicate with my classmates and friends inmediately.
Now, I used it every day; to contact my family, to make homework, organize hang outs, etc., because  most of my friends don´t have homelines.
I think that I can`t imagine my live without my cell, and triyng to do it would be very interesting, so I would had to plan my live so much, and there wouldn´t  be  much space for improvisation.

My cell phone is like this, only changed its colour is white