viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

My loved free time!!

Well in this moment I have no spare time, it is due to the fact I am ending my term, and I didn`t organize my time along the year and now I am paying the consequences. Also It is due to tha fact that I am so slow and distracted  at the moment of studying, but I am hopping and I think that at the end all will be right.
Well, I like to do many things when I have spare time, I like to go out with friends, visit them and see movies, drink, talk about  life, listen to music, go to dance etc. Also I like to do other things like to read novels - to get funny, not to think so much like about university- , to see films, to walk  in the city, to travel to nearby places like Valparaíso or San Felipe, where some friends live, or visit parks around the city.  If I  had more free time I would begin to write, in  fact since  much time ago I have wanted to make a  play, and try to perform it, I don´t care that it be only amateur theatre but it is very exciting to me, it is like a game.  I have talked with some friends about this and we need to have free time to meet up and start.

viernes, 8 de junio de 2012


Phillipe Descola is a french antropology  that was born in 1949, he was student of Levi Strauss and made researchs in the Amazon in 1979, since 2001 he made the class of Nature Antropology at the College de France.
I like Phillipe Descola so much, because he break the traditional point of view about the Human been, that says that main  element that distinguish us from the other animals is the culture, in this direction are building two fields the Nature and the Culture. In the traditional social studyes the characteristic of one society are exclude like properties of the animals, that was seeing without the possibility of build rules, the organization that they have generally  has been considerated genetic by nature. In change Descola suggest 4 means ways to the human been understand his/her relationship with the enviroment  thats are totemism, animism, analogism and naturalism. In the totemism the people view  a material and spiritual continuity between they and the others self of their enviroment, in the animism the people view an inside continuity between them and their enviroment and material discontinuity, in the analogism there are a material and spiritual discontunuity and in the naturalism there are an material continuity and an inside dinscontinuity. The last point of view belong to the western culture and is the reasons by we see a radical difference between the way to be of  we and our enviroment.