viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

My blogging experience

Well, this was my first time like blogging, never before I had a Blog count, once time I tried it, but I never wtote it. I remeber my fisrt time in this class, I spoken with many teachers for find my class until I stayed here to the computer laboratory in the second session.When I entered the teacher gave me the instructions in english and I did not understand very well, therefore like the only that I knew was in English III everybody have to do a blog, I created a blog and like I belived  that we could writte about any topic, I tryed to Think a Topic and began to writte something about 60 years,  I was very stressful why the post was doing very difficult and large, to me  it was complicated think it in Spanish, and in english it was so much difficult. That situation end when the theacher  near to me and asked me how was my post? and then I undesrtanded everything because I noticed that the class had a blog with the topic and the instructions about we must writte, with that all made lighter, I had to bagin again and end very latter, it was so funny. I think that the blog and the class too had help to improve my english, cause my vocabulary had increased, but at the same time I had noticed that I need learn so much about english.