jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012

The green that I am.

I would like be much more green that I am but to me be really green requer many willpower and organization. Because to me be green is something that is seen in the perform and can not measure in the speech or though. Are many kinds of action that can measure how can green you are. Be green is relationed with the self cares and the enviroment cares. Cause the ecology is relationed with build a lifestyle that ensure healthy of the people and its enviroment,  considering that with a unhealthy enviroment is so diffcult have a self enviroment.
The carbon charcoal is not a enough way to measure the green that one person is, cause only consider since an individual perspective the quatity of carbon emited by one person and not other activities that contribute altough be indirectly to increase the charcoal footprint. Moreover be ecological is linked too with many other aspects and not only with the carbon emissions, such as the quantity of wastes emited by one people, and by the quantity of products that reused weigh with the products that this persons reject, cause one the big ecological hammers done to the enviroment is the overexploited of resources done by the man intrinsic with the constant raise of production  own of our economic system.
 Personally i am no so green cause my habits are not so green, I somke, I use so much electric energy, and I don´t recycle many products.

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