viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

DF is coming!

In this winter vacations, me and some classmattes will go to Mexico City for one Month, the main reason to make the trip is an anthropology stundent`s Latinoamerican congress that will take place in thatsh city - FELAA-. This congress will last one week, however my classmattes and I will stay there for three weeks more. We`ll participate in the encoeunter with various expositions and then we hope to visit differents places, among them are the D.F, that is a very big city, in fact, it has around 40 millions of people,I think that there are many places to know, like eating places, museums, night clubs, historical places, etc. Then, we want go to the South of Mexico, there, there is a sharp presence of indian population, their main economic activity is the agriculture, also, there are the remains of their forefather`s constructtions like Aztec and Mayan civilizations. Other place that we want to visit are the Mexico`s beaches, among them is Acapulco, it`s a very atractive destination.