viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

A beautiful trip.

The best holidays of my life was this winter vacation, because was very different to me. Me and my calssmaters went to Mexico by one month, and at the moment I can say that was the trip of my life. Experienced a different culture is very  exciting, because keep broad your mind, and I feel that I learned many things, because I Knew to people with differents lyfstyle to the wich  I am used to see,  because they vad other habits and values. We are to a latinoamerican students atroplogy encounter - FEELAA-, the encounter dured one week, and in this week we knew to people from differents coutnries sepecially many colombians, people from Costa Rica and  of course many maxicans, like that we Knew about the reality of that countries, their values and culture and overall we enjoyed so much, cause we talked, joked and hung out, singing, dancing and chating until the sunrise. When the encounter end we began to traveled acrosse Mexico we went to Oaxaca where we was booked by one friend of Ramon; one friend from Costa Rica who we Knew during the FELAA, Oaxaca was a nice city, in this place  I knew to Tania a very nice people, also we went to the beach and to Chiapas state. Thle place that I most liked was Palenque a beatuyful place, we stayed in a  cabin next to little river and we was abled to hear the differents sounds of the landscape like the water, the insects, the wind, was beutyful. We traveled by this places with very nice and special mexicans friends : Omar and Cristofer, the last is a very important peson to me.

A contury that is very interesting to me!

A country that is very interesting visit to me is Cuba. The reasons are that I want to see with my own eyes the life style, the thoug way, summarying the culture of the people and the social organization of this country, because as everything ir regulated of very defferent way to are regulated the things in our context all the things should be very differente to that  we are used to see. I have listened very different opinions about this country, someones hava said that is an ideal country, that every people have their basic necessity filled because the state sure them, the exist a democracy but is different why there is a one plitical party but inside them the people have rights to elect his representants and declare their opinion in relation to the social decisions etc, by other hand other peoples have says that the material shortage is ver stronge, that the most of its population are in sisagreement with their political leaders, that there is not expression freedom, and thus the people have fear to say the thing that they think and give their opinion, that their political system are corrupted, etc. I think that in both opinons current thare are true things, but I wanted have my own opinion product of a direct experiencie, because only with the direct experiencie yo can see the for in wich your thoght way undestand ceratin social reality.  

viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012


My first term.
It was full of surprises. Between the good things taht happend, I knew to a cousin that only I had seen one time in my life, because she lives so away; in the other extrem of the world. We shared many things, between them we went to Buenos Aires Together. The bad side of this was that I was so desconcentrated in my studies; every evenings I arrived to my home and speak with my cousin until the 11 or 12 or even the 1  o`clock .Only in this moment I begun to think  in my studyes. Due to this situation I throwed one class, the name of this class was feminist theories. For the same reason this term I must to do seven class, furthemore, I must to do two elective sports more english IV  course to leave the university studies and start my thesis and  intenrnship.  
Ohter good things of the past term was that I did one subject in the art faculty of this university and I can say that I learnd so much, because this subject integrated many field  to understand interior and deep attitude like the sublime feels that Julia Kristeva explain very well,  with this feels that can`t be so longer, cause is unbearable to the human minds. I think about this along this winter holidays so much, and was uncredible.