viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2012

My Family Life

Well I am from Calama, really I was born in Antofagasta but I lived all my chilhood and adolescence in Calama with my parents and my brother and sister, but when I relocated in Santiago for educationals reasons I begun to lived with my Grandparents.  When I begun to live with my grandparents it was so strange because so much time ago that they did not live with someone of my age, ans happened so funny things.
For example a ver funny things tht happened it was when I arrived aroun the 8 o clock, they worried so much, due to this hour it was dark, but with the time I told them that the public transport it was able until later and that the microbus leaved me so near.
Other things is linked with my grandparent´s house is located in Puente Alto, for that reason for be possibly to me go out in the night with firends I must stand in the house of one of my friends. That was so strange for them and also for my parents. I remembered that I had many arguments with my mother, until to the end they leaved me go out  frequetly.
Other very funny things Had place when I had my first boyfriend in Santiago. I remerber that it was around September 18, then my Granmother and my Grandparents told me that it was not convenient that I go out for the night, cause could be thought in badway, thereby I was not able to Hung out for all September Vacations. With the time my grandparents have seen me in deferrent way and not how a child, and Now the realtionship between me an thet is so cool, becuase they are so warm, loving and funny. I enter in the house and ever is so happy, really I love them so much and I Know that they love me too.

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  1. I don`t know Calama.. I think that is a really heavy change of city, Regards Karla! C: