viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012


Well I`ll speak about  Dancer in the dark, this film was directed by Lars Von Tier, and starrynig by Bjork. Is a very beatyful and intense film cause count the history about a mother -Selma-  that her only desire is safe to her soon of to be blinded, the only way to get this is trough a surgeon very spend. This film is set in United States during the sixtyes, in the cold war, and Selma is an innocent  Czech immigrant that come to United States for found a treatment to her soon, the trouble is that the treatmet is very spent like her who is a factory worker with a modest salary with wich pay the rent from a piece in the house of one police  who live with his ostentatiouis wife. One day in a moment of desesperation the police count to Selma a secret, he is in bankruptcy, and he can´t tell that to his wife because would mean lost her, in this same moment in a reciprocal act  Selma count him her own secret to the police; by one hand she is about to be blinded and by other hand her soon got the same illnes from her and he will be blinded if  is not operated before certain date, therefore she come to United State to  make the money that allow operated him. One day the police ask her if she coul borrow the money that she has saved oneself because the debts are so much for him, she refuse to make that and begin a big drama. The police, unscrupulously steal the Selma`s money to paid his debts and Selma ever thinking in her soon try to recover her money confronting to that police but now he is who refuse to return the money, he treaten her with a gun and finally he is who dead. Then will come the judge where she continuos making loyal to her word - dont tell to anybody that the police was in bankrupcity- and does not count the secret that could be save her, therefore she is condemned to death. The film is a strong criticism  to the culture that generate the capitalism system, in fact put this two personages that represent two very differents logicals, by one hand Selma being over all loyal to her word, an by other hand the police insert in a culture from appearances in where the love, in really is love to  social status - if the police would lost his money, he would lost everything- that spur him to make anything altough this involve damage a novel action and a so fragile people.The money is everything and the famous freedoom proclaim by United States during the cold war is subject to the money. Furthemore the way by Lars Von Tier show this is very intentenes, each scene keep you emphatize with the personage. For last the interpretation of Selma in Bjork is very, very good, giving to the personage an air of innocence and tenderness, the most beautyful and moving part are the moments that preceding to her dead.  

viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

Pets in my life.

 In my live I have had differents pets when I lived in Calama with my parents and my brother and sister, we had two dog, bot mongrels,  the first  died when I was 4 years old, in those time I though that it had gone to the heaven, and I said that  to my grandma. After we had a bitch still is in this house, it`s name is Laica. Moreover we had many pets for little time, I remerber that we had many chicks, the problem was that me and my brother and sister were so little, I was 5 years old, and my sister was 3 yeasr old and my brother was 2 years old, and as he was so little, when he did not wigh up his strength and strokes  them so stronge that the poors chiks died. Too we had many cats that we find abandoned near of our  house, generally they was littles cats that suddenly we hearted miaow dspiringly, then we took in and gave food, but as our mom has allergic to cats, we can´t  have them inside to the home, and one day they dissapear. The most curious pets that we had were two hamster, but we was very irrespnsible with they and  died because we did not clean their cage with enough periodicity. Now I live with my grandparents in Santiago and we are not able to care a pet beacuase I am many time out, and my house is full of merchandise to sell and a pet would be a trouble.