jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012

The green that I am.

I would like be much more green that I am but to me be really green requer many willpower and organization. Because to me be green is something that is seen in the perform and can not measure in the speech or though. Are many kinds of action that can measure how can green you are. Be green is relationed with the self cares and the enviroment cares. Cause the ecology is relationed with build a lifestyle that ensure healthy of the people and its enviroment,  considering that with a unhealthy enviroment is so diffcult have a self enviroment.
The carbon charcoal is not a enough way to measure the green that one person is, cause only consider since an individual perspective the quatity of carbon emited by one person and not other activities that contribute altough be indirectly to increase the charcoal footprint. Moreover be ecological is linked too with many other aspects and not only with the carbon emissions, such as the quantity of wastes emited by one people, and by the quantity of products that reused weigh with the products that this persons reject, cause one the big ecological hammers done to the enviroment is the overexploited of resources done by the man intrinsic with the constant raise of production  own of our economic system.
 Personally i am no so green cause my habits are not so green, I somke, I use so much electric energy, and I don´t recycle many products.

Colonialism trough the agriculture.

Well, this post will be relationed with an article that it`s topic is the incorporation of a trde between foods barons of the agriculture and smallholder in Africa. In the article this option is showed as one chance to the littles producers due to keep them make better profits. Between the reasons that backed this thesis we can find the posibility to the farmers of get agricultural technology, like inorganic fertilizer and GM - modifyed genetically- seeds that this parnertship could meant, on fact one the companyes interested in this deal is Monsanto. The article argued that the most of the  African`s solis are infertile, and that with that technology is possibly fertilizer such soils,  of this way the littles producer could be incorporated to the business chain of  the "first" world. There are many curiuos aspects and that show the colonialist logic with which have operated the named "first world". In first place there are not intererest in pass technological knowledges to the farmers or to the africans population for they can do free used of such knowledges, of this way it do dependent to producers from that continent of the products done by this transnational company. In second place we found the troubles that have had this kind of products due to have been proved that such products are highly toxic causing seriuos troubles for the human health. In third place we can found the UPOV 91, this is an agreement that protected no only to the manufacturer of a modifyed genetically seeds with a kind of patent, lately such agreement protect to the plant and fruit grown of this of this seeds, the which are legally recognized like belonging  to such company. In Chile many seeds were sold to Monsanto, it due to that reason that actually the framers must sold such seeds to Monsanto, this seeds  moreover are infertiles that means that the plant grown from this seed don`t give seed for this reasons to do the new crops the farmer must sold again such seeds to the company. This is the trouble caused when the econonomical logics are put over commons interests until arrive to the point that where the only important are the unilateral suplies without  considerer the interest of the other part. The concepts that underlies to this kind of actions such as competition are very dangerous. By other hand this kind of political subtract economical autonomy  to the farmers because make them requer money for get such product before make them less dependent of the money.

viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

English in my life

I think that the english is very useful, thereby is very important. The english that I learned in the school was good, the trouble it was that I did not exercised during my firsts university years, and somethings very important like the grammar to make questions were forgotten by me, probably I would remember if I take a time and think about this, but in the moment of speak it is difficult because must be automatic. To understand the english is a similar situation, I read so slow, and to listen is more diffucult, for wo reasons. By one hand I have not so much feeling auditory - I have not a deficit, but distinguish similar sounds is a few difficult to me-. This situation is wear because during the first university year it was given many texts to read in english - papers generally-, in class like archeology or biology, but we had very cools classmate, that understand very very well the english, they translated them and then did summary about the texts, and it was thats summaries that which  I studied, by practical reasons, we had so much to read and I took so much time reading ans translating thats texts.  Moreover I did not take english in third year of university. 
The english class are important but is a place to exercise the english but are not enough to speak and read fluently, - at elast to me- to get this I need practice it so constantly. I like do blogs ever that the topic be given, if that did not happened, I take so much time thinking in the topic of the blog, and trying to  explain it, - -is difficult to me explain the things in spanish and is more difficult make it in english-, bu I feel that writte blogs have had effect in me cause the last term I took so much time writing the blogs, ever I was the last in end it, but this term I am  faster, so faster.   
Places in the which I use the english outside the class for this time have been only reading some texts about rapa nui culture, that are wrote in english, and take so much time.
To improve my english I think practice it, reading more text en english, and seeing films in english mainly.  

jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

The uncertain future.

  1. The university have been very important to me cause have been the place where I have known many people, i have lived many experiences and i have matured and differents aspects.  Thereby I have had a personal and academic learning, I have suffered many changes the which have make of me who am now. To me the university means a new lifestyle because it was linked with my city changes. I think that study anthropology have advantage and disadvantage. The main advantage consist in that the anthropology have a wide field of search and action, cause  studies the culture, and in every place where there is human action there is culture, therefore one can depth in very diverse topics, in this sense is so free. By other hand its main disadvantage consist in that the ethical position is complex, cause you job and studies to people, and many of the institutions that finance this kind of project, make it drawn by own interest the which crash with the interest of the people that one study, Many time the anthropology  is used to justify interventions that affect negatively the life quality of the people, like happen with the studies of enveriomental impact. 
    I would like job in deverses fields, by one hand job with comunities to develop self support strategy that  able them have some independence of the economic system, by other hand I would like job studying the education, cause a think that is very important analyze it since a qualitative perspective, cause I think that with the present education system there is many aspects that lost, cause don´t is make to integrate local knowledge and to accept the difference, other field linked with the previously mentioned and that I would like job is the folk knowledge that are get invisible by the official science. 
    Subject with my strengths and weaknesses I think that I am some indecisive and absentminded and that make me take so much times in complete some activityes, and like a weakness i could say that I adpat a very diverses lifestyle, therefore I could make anthropology in many differents places.

viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2012

My Family Life

Well I am from Calama, really I was born in Antofagasta but I lived all my chilhood and adolescence in Calama with my parents and my brother and sister, but when I relocated in Santiago for educationals reasons I begun to lived with my Grandparents.  When I begun to live with my grandparents it was so strange because so much time ago that they did not live with someone of my age, ans happened so funny things.
For example a ver funny things tht happened it was when I arrived aroun the 8 o clock, they worried so much, due to this hour it was dark, but with the time I told them that the public transport it was able until later and that the microbus leaved me so near.
Other things is linked with my grandparent´s house is located in Puente Alto, for that reason for be possibly to me go out in the night with firends I must stand in the house of one of my friends. That was so strange for them and also for my parents. I remembered that I had many arguments with my mother, until to the end they leaved me go out  frequetly.
Other very funny things Had place when I had my first boyfriend in Santiago. I remerber that it was around September 18, then my Granmother and my Grandparents told me that it was not convenient that I go out for the night, cause could be thought in badway, thereby I was not able to Hung out for all September Vacations. With the time my grandparents have seen me in deferrent way and not how a child, and Now the realtionship between me an thet is so cool, becuase they are so warm, loving and funny. I enter in the house and ever is so happy, really I love them so much and I Know that they love me too.